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Nice to meet you,
I’m Omer 👋

A multidisciplinary, self-taught, curious, and tech-focused  designer, specializing in product design, with over five years of experience designing digital products and beautiful visuals.

🖥  Working
Sole product designer @KELA, Cyber Threat Intelligence.

🎓  Studing
Psychology & HCI @The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yafo.

I Can Help You With

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Brand Identity

Creating a brand that will match your core values, tell your story, be simple and memorable. Following that, establishing a visual language that will accompany the brand.

Product Design

Designing the experience that will fit best to your user needs and your business goals, solve your complicated product needs, all of this with great attention to details and pixel perfect design.

Visual Development

Developing fast, beautiful, responsive and dynamic website, which will provide the best experience to your user, and will have an easy to use management system.

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The Tools I’m Using

I use Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, etc...) for general graphic design, including logo & brand design, marketing materials, print products, video & motion design and more.

I use Figma as my primary tool for UI design, wireframing & prototyping. With its great collaboration capabilities, We can work faster, Iterate seamlessly and achieving great results together.

I use Webflow platform to build custom made , fully responsive & beautiful websites. With stunning animations and interactions, fast performance and easy to use content management system for you to use.


Being the sole designer in a startup involves a significant responsibility. As Omer’s manager, I had the honor to work with a unique product designer with an amazing personality. A true team player, providing services from A to Z at the speed of light. I have witnessed outstanding design skills and varied UX-UI solutions to complex problems meeting both users’ and business needs. Omer has raised the bar of the company’s workflows and software tools, in order to boost productivity and design excellence.

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Michal Yahav Priva
Head of Product

I'm impressed by Omer's creativity, accuracy, and passion for achieving the end goal. The design and characterization were executed in a professional, efficient, and orderly manner. Our work with Omer resulted in the development of a new and intuitive experience, leading to a significant transformation in the digital platforms' level of service. We would like to thank you for all the questions, discussions, and ideas that ultimately brought us to this point.

Client image
Hagay Bauman
VP Digital BizDev
Tari Al Aboker

Thank you for the work you did for us, the whole process was arranged, professional, and efficient leading to an impressive product with a lot of thought of the smallest details. The work with you was really flowing, ticking and pleasant. You are patient, understanding, proactive, and determined to provide a solution for every need. The project progressed with efficiency and agility that did not come at the expense of results. Glad I chose to work with you and the result is far beyond what I expected! So thanks again, we will surely meet in the next project.

Client image
Gal Bachar
Founder & CEO

Not only was this project great, but the teamwork behind it was excellent! This is an excellent interface. I wish it was widely available.

Client image
Yulia Goldenberg, Ph.D.
The Academic College, TLV-Yaffo

I'm very impressed with your work. This is the best work in the course, and one of the best I've seen in the first submission of this course. Once again, you've done an excellent job in meeting the requirements.

Client image
Ofer Monar, Ph.D.
The Academic College, TLV-Yaffo

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